Secret Leaked 1 Minute Formula Melts 55 LBS Of Fat and Saves Woman’s Life…


Angela froze with fear as she read the message on her husband’s phone…

She must be 50 pounds overweight and she looks 10 years older than her real age…

I’m not attracted to her anymore.

We hardly ever make love. Our marriage is barely hanging on.

I love her but I can’t stand it any longer.

I’m thinking of ending it.

As it dawned on her what she was reading, it hit her like a brutal punch to the gut...

After 21 years of marriage, this is what it had come to.

The hurtful words drove shards of glass through Angela’s heart….

She felt humiliated. Destroyed.

As she remembered their wedding day the tears flooded down her cheeks causing her mascara to run.

How happy they both were.

How it felt so right as they held hands and vowed to stay together forever.

Till death do us part.

The precious moments they shared after the birth of their first child.

All those happy times. Gone.

It tore her heart out.

She crept out of the house sobbing and got in the car to drive down to the harbor to take a walk.

To decide what to do with her life.

And she couldn’t stop thinking…

Why Not Just End It All?

As she drove she cried, the tears streaming down her cheeks…until suddenly…

Her car veered right, flipped off the side and SMASHED

Broken glass everywhere…Angela came to as the flames licked her hands…

Yet as Angela dragged herself out of the burning wreck…

What she didn’t know, was that this terrible accident which left her with spinal damage…

Would lead the chance discovery of the biggest weight loss breakthrough of the last 50 years

A breakthrough so powerful…

That it melted 55 pounds of fat from her body, shrunk her waist an incredible 8 inches, reversed her symptoms of diabetes type 2 and lowered her high blood pressure and cholesterol in 7 weeks…

Angela before finding the 1 minute formula
Angela after the secret 1 minute formula helped her lose 55 lbs

Going from this…to this.

By using this unlikely formula twice a day, Angela Ross, a 48-year-old mother of 3 was able to shed fat at an astonishing rate:

  • Without a restrictive diet
  • Without exercise
  • Without supplements
  • Without surgery

You heard that right.

She Lost 55 Lbs Of Fat With A Damaged Spine From The Car Accident Which Left Her Unable To Exercise, Barely Able To Walk….

And even if it’s hard to tell you this deeply personal story, it’s also critically important.

And it exposes the deadly obesity trigger fueling weight gain in millions that has, until now, been covered up by corrupt government officials.

Putting millions of innocent lives in danger.

Now, you may be thinking you’ve seen it all before but the truth is…

You’ve never seen this 60 second habit that triggers a newly discovered fat-burning hormone inside any man or woman with excess belly fat.

It’s A Powerful Hidden Hormone That Ignites Your Metabolism, Flushes Out Toxins And Converts Your Fat Cells To Energy…

You trigger this fat-burning mechanism inside you with a 60 second twice daily habit that I’m about to reveal…

You may be feeling skeptical about what I’m saying and I completely understand. I’d be surprised if you weren’t.

I felt that way myself until an unconventional doctor from a small town in Switzerland with only 6 months to live, broke his code of silence and revealed it to me.

Yet It’s The Very Same Natural Formula Being Used For A Secret New Fat-Burning Treatment That Has Been Covertly Tested Overseas For 3 Years…

After I saw the scientific proof behind this treatment and the phenomenal results, I realized I had no choice but to share it with people who need it most.

It’s an entirely natural solution and perfectly safe to use.

And even if you don’t melt 55 lbs of fat like Angela did, you can be sure to burn off 10, 20 or even 30 lbs with very little effort.

It doesn’t matter how long you’ve been overweight, it doesn’t matter what your age is or how many pounds you’ve got to lose.

Stay with me for the next 4 minutes and I’ll show you how you can make this powerful formula yourself at home with a few ingredients from the grocery store, and get the fabulous flat belly you deserve, fast…

You do not know about this new 60 second habit because all the tests have been conducted in highest secrecy…

  • It’s not a diet…
  • It’s not a fat-burning or detox pill…
  • And it’s not a work out plan…

It’s like nothing you’ve seen before.

It’s scientifically proven not only to melt the dangerous belly fat around your vital organs, but also to reduce symptoms of aging, diabetes type 2 and heart disease.

You can clean out dangerous platelets from your arteries, enhance your energy levels, reverse symptoms of diabetes type 2 and add a good two decades to your life by doing it twice a day.

I urge you to stay with me and remove all distractions.

You need to read until the end of this short article because in a couple of minutes you’re going to find out some critical information about weight loss such as:

How to...

Trigger A Newly Discovered Fat-Burning Hormone, Jump-Start Your Internal Fat-Burning Engine And Incinerate All The Unwanted Fat From Your Body

How the real cause of rebound weight gain, dangerous cravings and weight loss resistance is a minute toxin…

Now labeled an “obesity trigger” by Harvard scientists - that clogs your liver, forcing your body to store dangerous white fat, especially around the waist…

And inflames your digestive system.

And how to flush it out in 24 hours and reverse the damage over the coming weeks.

And…the deadliest diet in weight loss history that is proven to be linked to heart disease and stiffening of the arteries, according to a study by the European Society of Cardiology….

The shocking truth about this hyped up diet has been suppressed in the media until now

Yet it’s essential you avoid this popular heart-attack triggering diet at all costs as European doctors are now linking it to sudden premature death.

You Have To Know You’re Not Alone, And If You’re Struggling With Your Weight, NONE Of This Is Your Fault.

Millions of us have been hoodwinked by the tricks of the weight loss industry, myself included.

You could never know about this solution that has been shrouded in secrecy.

And you won’t find it anywhere but right here, in a few minutes from now.

Before I show you the biggest weight loss breakthrough of the past 50 years, I should introduce myself.

Me outside my church last year

My name is Sam Austin. I’m a physical education teacher from near Port Arthur, Houston.

I’m Angela’s big brother. We’ve been close ever since we were kids and I always look out for her.

You must be wondering how I stumbled on this breathtakingly powerful solution soon after Angela’s car accident.

I can tell you I got lucky or perhaps certain things come into your life at the right time and if you’re paying attention, like in this article, lead you to lifelong happiness…

I also found out some shocking truths, cover ups and conspiracies on this journey.

You see, despite everything the weight loss industry has told you over the years, weight gain is NOT caused by:

  • Lack of exercise
  • Too many carbs or even…
  • Ice cream and chocolate

I’ll show you concrete proof of this in 1 minute.

And this is why I urge you to eat more carbs, not less.

And you’ll need to eat more of your favorite foods like pizza, ice cream and even chocolate bars at certain times of the week in order to lose the 20, 30, 40 or 50 pounds that you need to.

Because The Truth Is That The Root Cause Of Belly Fat Is Not What You Eat

It’s a minute toxin that has now infiltrated some common vegetables and fruits you most likely eat almost every day that causes uncontrollable cravings and rebound weight gain.

According to a breakthrough study from University of California, this toxin’s linked to deadly conditions such as diabetes type 2, high blood pressure, fatty liver, heart disease and cancer…

And if you haven’t yet dropped everything you’re doing to pay close attention to this, I urge you to hang on to every single word from this moment on

Because you’ll be stunned to hear about the breaking medical research that reveals a newly discovered hormone in your body...

A hormone that ignites a potent inner fat-burning mechanism and flushes out the lethal hunger-disrupting toxins

This mechanism, being treated by Harvard Medical School as a “major fat-burning discovery”, is inside every one of us.

And it’s even more powerful if you’ve got a few pounds to lose…

Pay attention to what I say because very soon this article will be removed for good and our time is running out.

Like I said, my name is Sam Austin and I’m a physical education teacher from Port Arthur near Houston.

I teach physical education to grades 7-10 and we have a blast.

I’m also a personal trainer in my spare time. I’m the go-to guy around the neighborhood for getting anyone over 40 and especially over 50, in shape.

Jane / Layla / Troy before-after (general)
Here are some folks who I’ve helped lose 20 lbs or more.

I don’t have a website, Facebook page or anything like that. I’m not famous.

People know me by word of mouth and I like to keep it that way.

I’m married to my beautiful wife Maria. We have 3 kids and a dog named Paddy.

Each summer, I volunteer in the US or overseas to teach underprivileged kids English to help give them a better future.

And 2 years ago, I was sent to Bolivia as part of a teacher volunteer program.

Now, if you don’t know Bolivia, it’s a beautiful country in south America, next to Brazil and Peru.

Now, you’re probably wondering what the heck this all has to do with how my sister suddenly saved her life by losing 55 lbs in 7 weeks and you’d be right.

Because a couple of years back, her marriage was on the brink.

Her weight had been creeping up for 5 years.

After her 3rd child she felt as though she had no control over her weight anymore…

Her favorite clothes no longer fitted her…

She Suffered From Intense Cravings For Sweet Snacks…

She hated how she looked in photos and in the mirror…

And the media advice on how to slim down was overwhelming.

Like most women with a few pounds to lose, Angela tried every diet under the sun.

On 2 occasions she’d lost 10 pounds with an expensive meal slimming plan. Only she gained back 15 pounds a few weeks after it ended…

She did the whole keto diet thing. That worked for 1 month but after it gave her heart palpitations her doctor told her to stop immediately.

She saw therapists who told her to “learn to love her body for what it was”…

But that was out of the question.

She hated her body as it was. She couldn’t even go to the beach.

And she secretly tried fat burning pills she found on the internet. These made her jittery and she couldn’t sleep.

You may be wondering if I helped her.

And I did. I tried every personal trainer’s trick under the sun.

I gave her a diet plan to follow.

Exercise programs that she could do at home.

Angela could lose a few pounds.

But Later On, Uncontrollable Cravings Would Overwhelm Her And She’d Pile The Weight Back On Again…

I’m ashamed to say my methods failed Angela.

Let’s be honest: we all know regular weight loss techniques flat out don’t work for some people.

It’s time we admitted it. There’s a missing piece of the puzzle.

Until now, we’ve had no idea how to beat the root cause of cravings and rebound weight.

You may be one of these people who’ve tried everything to lose weight or you may be frustrated with rebound weight, like my sister Angela.

The good news is you’re about to find out what this missing piece of the puzzle is.

Before discovering this fat melting breakthrough, Angela felt as if her weight affected every part of her life.

She was embarrassed to be intimate with her husband or even to change her clothes in front of him. The lack of affection was driving them crazy.

She was anxious about her marriage and her family.

But Angela had no solution.

Then there was that fateful day when she accidentally saw her husband Jeff’s message on his phone to his best buddy, Steve.

He was thinking of ending it all.

It hit her like a freight train at full speed.

The shock of the incident caused her to lose concentration as she was driving…

She somehow managed to pull herself from the burning carnage of the accident…

Yet she suffered severe damage to her spine in the impact. Meaning that exercise would be impossible for 2 years.

The hardest part for her was her kids seeing her with tubes in her nose, hooked up to the cardiac monitor.

Her 6 year old daughter, Sophia, loved her mom so much.


Mommy. Last night I prayed to God for you to get better and happier. You don’t smile anymore Mommy.

And I want you to smile.

And God told me you would smile again Mommy. He really did.

Angela could barely hold back the tears. The little one didn’t know what a blessed heart she had.

She knew right there and then that she’d never let her kids down.

As she recovered from surgery 2 days later the doctor came to her bedside…

You know Angela, he said.

Recovery would be a whole lot easier if you lost 50 pounds.

That Extra Weight Puts Crushing Pressure On Your Back, Your Joints And Your Heart…

Your blood sugar level is dangerously close to diabetes type 2.

You may not know it but diabetics have a 1 in 4 chance of limb amputation and increased chances of blindness.

You also have high blood pressure. This puts you at high risk of a fatal heart attack and a stroke.

All in all, it’s not looking good.

I’d recommend you lose some of that weight. And fast.

Otherwise your kids will be without a mom in 6 months’ time.

Angela was in complete shock. She’d never heard a doctor speak like this.

He was so blunt with her.

Yet the more she thought about it, the more she realized the doctor was right.

She was overweight. It had caused a near fatal accident.

Her Inability To Lose Weight Was The Root Cause Of The Distress She Was In…The Pressures With Her Marriage…

The depression, fatigue and anxiety.

The pains in her joints.

Her fear of going out to buy new clothes.

Her worries about Jeff’s distant behavior.

She was even starting to wonder if her friends didn’t want to see her anymore.

But mostly…

Leaving her kids motherless put the fear of God in Angela

As she lay in that hospital bed, a million thoughts raced through her mind.

Would she get to see her kids grow up?

To graduate from high school? Get married?

Would she even see their beautiful smiles again?

If she survived, did she want to be a burden to her family, needing expensive medical care?

How long before diabetes type 2, high blood pressure or heart disease devastated her body?

How long before they took her away?

These were by far the darkest moments of Angela’s life…

Little did we know it was all about to change as we were weeks from stumbling on the biggest breakthrough in weight loss history…

That summer I went to Bolivia for voluntary work.

It’s a beautiful country and I was welcomed with open arms at the school I’d be working at.

The first thing I noticed when I arrived was how in shape local people were.

The Kids, The Teens, The Adults Over 40, 50 And Even Up To 80 Years Old Were Toned, Young-Looking And Energetic…

After a day or two, I had to ask my colleague Roberta how the heck this was possible.

After all, back in the US, most of my friends were at least 20 pounds overweight and many suffered from diabetes type 2.

Even my doctor back home was out of shape.

Is Bolivia a super healthy country? I asked my colleague.

No, she replied, to my surprise.

Obesity rates are increasing fast in this country like the USA.

Then she said…

The reason everyone you see is so slim and looking good here is because there’s an exciting medical trial nearby.

It’s for a new weight loss treatment…

They’ve been running the trial for 2-3 years now and every single overweight person who’s taken the treatment has slimmed down, and stayed that way ever since

Some of us lost up to 60 or 70 pounds and transformed our entire lives.

My brother had diabetes type 2 for 17 years and he shed 49 pounds and now he’s diabetes free.

My best friend lowered her high blood pressure and is 28 pounds slimmer.

I myself lost 35 pounds.


Then she showed me this photo of her before and after the treatment.

And even people who only had 10 or 20 pounds to lose are happy, because it was so easy for them...she said.

Roberta told me she was 59, yet she didn’t look a day over 40.

We didn’t take any pills. She said.

There were no crash diets or exercise…

They gave us a drink mix in the morning and a tea in the evening.

And that’s all…

And you lost 35 pounds with nothing but a daily drink? I asked

Yes. She replied.

I can tell you I no longer felt the urges to snack anymore.

I felt an instant increase in energy levels.

My sleep improved.

And my skin and my hair are all looking much better these days…

It’s changed my entire life.

I don’t know what was in the drink, but I do know…

They Used A Special Mix Of Nutrients From The Diet Of A Healthy Tribe Living Here In Bolivia...

Then she told me about a remote Bolivian tribe called the Tsimane who live deep in the rainforest, recently found to have the healthiest bodies in the world due to their diet.

I felt excited. Maybe I could get the same mind-blowing results for Angela as the locals.

Roberta gave me the address of the weight loss clinic, a couple of miles away.

So that day, after finishing my work, I headed up there.

I was lucky enough to arrive right as they were closing.

A doctor was locking up as I arrived.

He greeted me with a smile and introduced himself as Doctor Keel. He came from a little town in Switzerland.

We are closing this clinic in a few days, he told me.

The weight loss trial is now over.

Dr. Keel seemed friendly so I asked if he wouldn’t mind me asking a few questions about what he’d been doing.

As he invited me inside, I told him about my sister Angela’s troubles with her weight.

How she’d tried everything and how it was impossible for her cut belly fat.

How rebound weight gain and cravings were ruining her life.

We’re desperate. I said.

Otherwise I wouldn’t be here now.

Then I noticed some progress pictures of his weight loss patients on the wall…

Men And Women Of All Ages And Even Some Teenage Kids Had Melted Incredible Amounts Of Body Fat…

There were people over 100 lbs overweight who lost nearly half their bodyweight.


Others with huge bellies that had melted every ounce of belly fat… and were now trimmer and much more toned.

There were even people over 80 with diabetes type 2 who’d lost every single pound of fat, fixed their high blood sugar and were slim, energetic and healthy again.

I’d love to know what you’ve been doing to help all these people, I told him.

Surely, you’ve got them on some intense workout program, calorie cutting or low carb regime?

Not at all Sam, he replied.

Now the trial is over, I am free to talk about it, he said.

The race is on for the next obesity treatment…he told me.

With 100 million obese Americans and 1 billion overweight men and women worldwide, pharmaceutical companies know that weight loss is a gigantic cash cow waiting for them to tap into.

Think of how big a breakthrough Viagra was for male impotence.

In a few years we’ll have a weight loss drug that’s one hundred times bigger than that and more powerful…

It’ll allow people to eat whatever they like.

Imagine Eating Burgers, Pizza, Ice Cream, Beer, Fries… And Never Putting On A Single Pound

Imagine being in complete control of your hunger and your weight?

Or, looking 10 years younger and being free of dangerous obesity related issues such as diabetes type 2, high blood pressure and heart disease?

I told Doctor Keel that a pharmaceutical drug for my sister would be out of the question but he stopped me….

One minute. The record weight loss results we achieved in our trial were using a natural mixture.

In a minute I’ll tell you how your sister can activate her powerful inner fat-burning mechanism with this natural mixture too but first…

I Have To Warn You About A Dangerous Scheme The Weight Loss Industry Is Peddling...

Your sister may have been using this harmful method to lose weight too, which is why you must pay close attention.

The most popular diet we’ve been seeing the past few years is the keto diet…

But your sister must not follow this diet as it endangers her life.

He picked up a binder from his desk and showed me a keto study from the European Society of Cardiology that said:


In 2018, a study on 25,000 people suggested that people on the lowest-carb diets had the highest risk of dying from

cancer, cardiovascular conditions, stroke and all other causes.

95% of people who lose weight with the keto diet put it right back on again, he told me, showing me another study about rebound weight gain.

But surely low carb diets are good because when people stop eating sugar and carbs they lose weight?

That may help for a while but it’s not enough for everyone…he replied…


Look, here’s the progress of obesity in America over the past 30 years.

As you can see Sam, sugar consumption is actually now lower than 20 years ago as people are being told about the harmful effects of sugar.

Yet obesity levels are much higher.


And we are now eating less carbs then 10 years ago yet we’re all fatter.

Think about it…

Americans Have Been Scarfing Down Ice Cream For The Past Hundred Years…

Back in the 1940s when obesity was nonexistent, Americans consumed record levels of it.


And you know the French fry was first introduced to the US after World War 1 – over 100 years ago.

Americans have been enjoying fries, pizza and burgers for almost 100 years now.

Yet the obesity rate suddenly started to increase at a phenomenal rate around 20-30 years ago, he said.

And that was after 70 years of enjoying ice cream, fries, burgers and pizza.

So we can agree that food isn’t really to blame here.

The truth is Sam, that the cause of this sudden increase in obesity is a recently developed toxin named PFAS. It’s in foods, cooking utensils, packaging and even in drinking water.

This is the silent and deadly obesity trigger that is fueling rapid fat storage in millions of people.

Sustained weight loss is impossible when you have PFASs accumulating in your body.

No matter how healthy you eat and even if you work out every day.


You’ll always suffer from rebound weight gain because according to Harvard scientists, these chemicals interfere with your hunger hormones.

If you or someone you know is weight loss resistant or suffers from cravings and rebound weight gain, now you know why.

Most of these toxins are banned in Europe but in America, corrupt chemical lobbies have influenced government officials to keep them in our food and water.

Look, here’s the obesity rate of the USA compared to Switzerland where these toxins are banned.

And in Switzerland they eat fast food, pizza, burgers and ice cream just like Americans do, he added.

The main difference is they don’t have PFASs polluting their bodies.


When You Have A Build-Up Of PFASs In Your Body You’ll Get Some Nasty Conditions Creeping Up On You…

The first of those is a condition called estrogen dominance.

Estrogen dominance means your levels of the female sex hormone estrogen, are too high due to chemicals that trick your body to produce high levels of it.

It causes brain fog, anxiety, trouble sleeping, mood swings and low libido in men and women.

If you’re over 40, you’ll notice super stubborn belly fat

And as these toxins accumulate, they also attack a vital hunger hormone called leptin.

Leptin is the hormone that sends a signal from your brain to tell you when you’re full.

But when leptin doesn’t work properly, you’ll never know when you’ve eaten enough.

Then, it wreaks havoc on ghrelin, a hormone which controls your appetite.

So you get constant cravings for foods like potato chips and sweet snacks and suffer from rebound weight gain after dieting that so many people suffer from.

In short, you don’t know when your stomach is full because your leptin is in chaos, and your cravings are out of control because your ghrelin is going haywire.

And it gets worse, he said, to my shock.

When your liver is clogged with junk like PSASs, you produce less bile in your gut.

Bile is an essential digestive acid for breaking down fat and filtering out toxins from your blood.

If you can’t break down fat your body reabsorbs it and stores it on your belly, back, butt and thighs…

This toxic build-up is the real reason why everyone’s getting fatter and more prone to diseases like diabetes type 2.

And it explains why many of us have digestive difficulties as we get older.

So that’s the real cause of weight gain and cravings, Sam.

It’s not so much the foods you eat. It’s this toxin.


And that’s why we now have an obesity epidemic. 86% of Americans are projected to be overweight by 2030.

Feeling a little skeptical, I asked him:

If this is a major cause of weight gain, there must be some medical proof of it?

Indeed, there is, he replied.


Then he showed me a 2018 Harvard Medical School study

It said: “Those who gained the most weight back also had the highest blood concentrations of PFASs, especially women…”

Trying to lose weight without getting rid of this toxin is like trying to get your car to run smoothly when there’s grit in the engine.

You simply can’t do it, no matter how hard you try.

When you fix the root cause of your dangerous hunger hormones by flushing this toxin out first, it’ll be like removing all the grit from your car engine. Your metabolism will run just like a super-efficient, well-oiled machine, as it’s supposed to.

When you fix the root cause of your damaged hunger hormones by flushing out this toxin first, you’ll shed fat effortlessly because your hunger hormones will be balanced.

This is when you say goodbye to rebound weight gain. Forever.

I Realized At That Moment That This Was The Missing Piece Of The Puzzle For The Millions Who Can’t Lose Weight Or Suffer Rebound Weight Gain…

I felt relieved to finally know the truth about why some people couldn’t ever lose weight.

And I was excited to know what the treatment was.

You can make this powerful treatment that flushes out these toxins and activates a fat-burning hormone with a mix of ingredients at home…

You take it twice a day.

There’s no restrictive dieting, cutting carbs or even exercise.

Why is a natural mix so powerful? I asked.

The ratio of herbs, spices and foods creates an internal reaction which is as powerful as any weight loss drug…he explained.

We didn’t need to develop a synthetic pill to get these results…

That’s because we based our treatment on the diets of the healthiest tribe in the world.


These people are called the Tsimane tribe.

They live in isolation, deep in the Bolivian rainforests and…

They Have No Obesity, No Cases Of Diabetes Type 2, The Healthiest Blood Vessels In The World And The Highest Energy Levels Ever Recorded…

By studying the specific ratio of nutrients and micronutrients in their diet, we were able to create our own potent fat loss treatment that creates this internal reaction.

Then, we tested various combinations of the nutrients on overweight locals living in towns and cities and the results were astounding.


We’ve succeeded in helping 21,895 locals lose every pound of fat they wanted to.

Thousands of these men and women of all ages, from 18 to 80, have not only lost weight but reversed symptoms of diabetes type 2…lowered dangerous high blood pressure and even boosted cardiovascular health….

In Short, They’ve Freed Themselves Of All The Weight Related Diseases That Are Plaguing Our Society Today…

Then he showed me some photos of their successes and charts of their weight loss over time.

I told Doctor Keel I was a little skeptical because I thought you’d need surgery or intense exercise for results like this.

Not at all. Doctor Keel replied.


Recently, Harvard scientists discovered a new fat-burning hormone called Irisin, he said.

This powerful hormone travels through the body in the blood and alters fat cells.

It transforms white fat cells, which are used for fat storage, into beige fat cells, which are used to burn pure energy.

And it flushes out the most dangerous hunger-disrupting toxins from the liver, pancreas and fat cells.

These Toxins Are The Biggest Cause Of Weight Loss Resistance And Rebound Weight Gain…

You’d normally need to exercise hard to activate the Irisin hormone.

However, we found out the Tsimane tribe trigger an internal fat-burning engine with their diet alone.

This explains why they are the slimmest, healthiest group of people on the planet with perfect cardiovascular health.

We’ve been testing the natural weight loss mix for 2 years now.

We finally optimized it 5 months ago.

It’s a very powerful fat-melting formula.

And like I said, it’s safe and natural.

I was wondering why a medical doctor would be testing natural substances, when as if reading my mind, he said…

Many medical treatments on the market are based on natural substances.

You know how aspirin’s main ingredient is tree bark?

And did you know the main component in prescription painkillers is derived from the poppy flower seed?

There are endless natural substances that are used in medication.

The pharmaceutical companies blend natural ingredients with synthetic components.

They’ll give the pill a different medical name to make it sound more complex than it is.

Then they patent the treatment and sell it as their own to make a fortune out of people.

However, according to our tests our natural formula is the most potent.

You can find the ingredients in grocery stores and it only takes 60 seconds to make.

I could see that Doctor Keel was very smart and he’d won awards for his breakthrough weight loss research…

Yet I was still surprised that this potent mix of natural substances was so effective.

Are you sure this works on the most weight loss resistant men and women?

Yes, we’ve done double blind tests on thousands of people of all ages, even the most weight loss resistant.

It works even better for people who are resistant to weight loss.

The Natural Mix We Discovered Has A One-Two Punch Mechanism

…he explained.

First, it activates the fat-burning irisin hormone that’s usually only released during intense exercise.

This flushes the deadly obesity triggers such as PFASs from the liver and fat cells.

This is what balances your hunger hormones, leptin and ghrelin, and stops your cravings dead in their tracks.

Then, irisin converts billions of fat-storing white fat cells to beige fat cells, meaning you can double your metabolic rate overnight and incinerate unwanted fat.

Step 1: The Formula Targets The Obesity Trigger & Balances Hunger Hormones


Step 2: Fat And Toxins Are Flushed From Your Liver & Body


We combined nutrients in such a way they’d have a super strong effect on anyone with more than 10 right up to 100 pounds to lose.

Remember, when you take this formula, it flushes toxins from the liver, balancing hunger hormones, increasing bile production and fat breakdown and activating the irisin fat-burning hormone. Your metabolic rate will double.

What we have here Sam, is the most potent obesity treatment ever made. And it’s entirely natural.

Your sister could wait for the pharmaceutical version to be released in a few years.

The dose will be 6 daily capsules and it’ll come with a laundry list of side effects. It’ll cost $1200 a month.

Or, she can take the natural formula instead starting now, with a few inexpensive ingredients from the grocery store.

The natural formula has no side effects except an increase in energy, faster metabolism and better appetite control.

You can take it as a regular drink mix with water, you can eat it or drink it as tea.

I felt my heart start to beat faster. All I had to do was get my hands on the formula and I could not only save Angela’s life, I could save the lives on thousands of others too.

Can Angela fly out here and follow your treatment?

Unfortunately, this trial is over and we are closing the clinic.

What I Can Do For You Sam, Is Give You The Exact Natural Formula We Used To Help 21,895 People Burn Fat, So Your Sister Can Take It Herself.

It’s a blend of herbs, spices and nutrients from foods that you’ll find at stores.

Sounds great but this surely this formula is confidential information that you cannot share?

I didn’t want to get Doctor Keel in trouble.

Then he dropped a bombshell on me…

Sam, I’m afraid won’t be around in 6 months’ time. My time has come. I’m going back to Switzerland to spend my final months with my family.

When I pass away this will break the confidentiality agreement and you’ll be able to share this publicly.

The only request I have Sam, is that you wait until I’m gone.

I had a lump in my throat and I felt terrible that this kind doctor had to pass away to help so many others.

But there’s always a silver lining behind every dark cloud, and I vowed Doctor Keel that after he passed his good work would live on and help many others, through me.


He then gave me 2 booklets of his notes with the exact method which I kept safe.

I thanked him for his time and we agreed to stay in touch.

Later that night as I read through the notes I was amazed to see that this was clearly the biggest breakthrough in the health industry.

As a physical education teacher and fitness trainer, I’ve seen the whole gamut and there was nothing out there like this.

I was stunned to discover the true causes of belly fat, high blood pressure, diabetes type 2 and heart disease.

As Somebody Who’d Worked For 3 Years On A Weight Loss Trial, Doctor Keel Clearly

Had Access To The Most Cutting-Edge Information In The World.

This method was at least 10 years ahead of anything I’ve ever seen.

And even if it was based on a pioneering scientific breakthrough, it was so simple.

Doctor Keel had clearly laid out the steps so anybody could follow it.

I became super excited at the thought of what this could do for Angela.

And 3 weeks later, back in Port Arthur, I was about to find out.

Angela had been released from hospital a few days before.

Even if her mobility was limited due to her back pains, she seemed different, more determined.

I saw a glint in her eye I hadn’t seen since we were much younger.

She’d had a life-changing epiphany while lying on her hospital bed.

After I excitedly told her about Doctor Keel’s natural formula she said…

You know Sam, this was a message from up high.

These last months, the darkest storm clouds have gathered over me.

Yet behind those dark clouds was a shining light.

I know because I felt it.


The sign is that you’ve gone away and come back with something that could save my life.

I’ll follow this new plan and even if walking down the street is painful, I vow today that I’ll turn my life around.

I love you Sam.

And with that she gave me a big hug.

I smiled but underneath I was feeling skeptical.

I didn’t want to get her hopes up. I’d seen many people get excited only to fail later on. And this would crush people’s hope.

I’d originally planned to follow up with Angela a couple of weeks later but I was about to find out far sooner than that because …

4 days later she called me, breathless with excitement.

Sam, I’m 6 pounds down.

The First 24 Hours I Lost Nearly 2 Pounds img

Now here I am only 4 days in and I’ve shed 6 pounds.

I don’t know if it’s in my head or what but I feel lighter.

That’s great Angela…I replied.

But underneath I still had doubts.

What if she’d only lost water weight?

Yet the very next day my sister called me excited again. Her voice was lit up with excitement and hope because she’d melted another pound of fat.

The pattern continued….

Angela would get up every morning and weigh herself. Then she’d jump with joy.

In the first week, she lost a full 7.6 pounds.

After 2 weeks, she’d shed over 13 pounds.

Her Clothes Started Feeling Looser, Her Face Looking Smaller And She Was Bursting With New Energy…

This was nothing like the restrictive diets or painful workout plans that left her exhausted and starving…

All it involved were some tweaks to her daily routine and a 60 second, twice a day habit.

After 3 weeks, Angela was able to pull on her favorite close-fitting jeans that had been stuck at the back of her closet for the last 4 years…

Her husband Jeff started paying her more attention again.

He admired her determination to turn her life around and was delighted by the results.

By 4 weeks, Angela had shed an astonishing 37 lbs.

Angela, super happy after losing 55 lbs

Over the next 3 weeks she melted another 18 lbs, bringing her total to a loss of 55 lbs of fat in 7 weeks.

Her back pain had started to subside and the physios were amazed by her fast progress.

I was thrilled for my sister. I’d never seen this in my life as a phys. ed. teacher and personal trainer.

Not with any diet, any exercise regime or even surgery.

But due to my fitness background I was still skeptical.

I knew about rebound weight gain and I wanted to see if the fat would stay off.

After all, it’s one thing to lose 55 lbs, it’s another to keep it off for good.

My skepticism was soon brushed aside by what happened next.

First, Angela went for her regular doctor’s visit.

What her doctor saw caused him to spill his water all over the floor.

With her new body, 55 lbs lighter, and her smaller face, he was barely able to recognize her.

“Angela?” he said.


Then when he read her test results his face was a picture of disbelief and outright astonishment.

Her high blood pressure had dropped down to 118 over 79.

Her blood sugar was at a safe 112.

And her LDL cholesterol was at a comfortable 88.

In addition to this, Angela started some simple body movements I gave her to do to shape her body fast.

She knew summer was coming up and she wanted to look great.

Her new surge of energy gave her plenty of motivation.

She toned up her belly, got herself beach ready and was cleared for full mobility only 6 months after the accident.

It nearly brought me to tears to see how this transformed my sister’s life.

Not Only Did Her Self-Esteem Come
Roaring Back…
Her Marriage Was Saved And Her Kids Were Happier

It was astonishing how this one simple system had a knock-on domino effect that transformed her entire body and flooded her and her family with happiness and confidence.

One day, 6-year-old Sophia told her Mom.

Mommy, I knew that you’d smile again.

I’m so happy when you’re happy Mommy. I never want you to be sad again.

She jumped up and hugged and showered her Mom with kisses.

Angela broken down sobbing tears of joy.

She wanted nothing more than for her family to be happy.

When I saw the proof of how powerful this simple method was, I started testing out the same 60 second formula on people I

trained who had struggled for years with their weight, even when dieting and exercising.

I asked 10 of my clients to measure and weigh themselves then report back to me at 4 weeks, 8 weeks and 6 months after starting.


The first one was Jane.

She was 40 pounds overweight and constantly exhausted and stressed. Her old diet tricks didn’t work.

For 8 years she’d been dieting to slim down, only to pile belly fat back on a couple of months after.

After 2 weeks of following the system, Jane called me thrilled early one morning. She’d shed 10 lbs and was delighted.

At 8 weeks she was down 32 lbs.


Then it was Mike’s turn. As a forklift operator, Mike didn’t move around a heck of a lot.

His diet consisted mostly of prepared fast food that he ate on the job and he liked beer.

Since his divorce, Mike’s waist had expanded to a shocking 47 inches and he was constantly tired, with no libido or energy.

Yet at 4 weeks he was down 25 lbs. His belly was a good deal flatter and he was sleeping better.

At 8 weeks he weighed in at 41 lbs lighter.

He called me excited about the new girlfriend he was dating and how his libido had finally perked up.


Then there was 62 year old Lisa.

For 10 years since menopause she’d suffered from belly fat and terrible cravings for sugar that sabotaged any attempt at keeping her weight down.

Yet this time was different. With the toxins flushed out, she was able to control her hunger and stopped her bad eating habits in their tracks.

She had no desire for chocolate bars or cakes anymore even though I insisted she could eat them.

But their jobs weren’t done yet. They had to keep the weight off for good. Otherwise this formula would be no better than any other temporary diet.


I checked in on the guys 6 months and then a full 12 months later. Every one of them is proudly in better shape than they’ve been since their 20s.

They’ve killed their cravings, doubled their metabolic rates and can proudly show off their bodies at the beach or swimming pools.

Later, when I asked Doctor Keel why this method was like nothing I’d ever seen before, especially against rebound weight gain, he said:

Well Sam it’s like I told you.

Due to the nternal reaction of the natural mix of herbs, spices and amino acids, your sister has triggered the irisin hormone, increasing levels of beige fat and enhancing metabolic rate.

What’s more, your sister and the others who follow this have now flushed out the obesity triggering toxins…he added.

Their fat loss hormones and digestive systems are now working like a finely-tuned, well-oiled engine again.

This was an aha moment for me and it was at that moment, seeing these results, that I knew that I had the future of weight loss, right there in my hands.

I had every one of my friends and clients use it.

And even some of the overweight and diabetic kids at school gave it a go.

The success of the simple method blew my mind.

Hundreds Of People Of All Ages Would Lose Pounds, Day By Day, Until They Got To Exactly The Weight They Wanted….

I started getting recognized around town as “that weight loss guy”. People I didn’t know would stop me and shake my hand.

I realized it was getting crazy when…I got 97 calls in one day from people I didn’t know asking me, even begging for the system.

These were men and women of all ages from all types of background.

I still don’t know who gave out my number but it was too much for me to handle.

And this is why we made this website. We wanted to share our solution easily and quickly with anybody who needed it.

I had no idea things would get so out of control until our website was first shared on social media.


I woke up one day and our fat loss solution had been shared by 51,000 people. Our website had crashed and we’d been shut down by the hosting company for using too much bandwidth.


In addition to that I received 204 emails asking about the program. We were stuck! We couldn’t share our solution anymore.

We had to upgrade the website hosting, increase bandwidth and provide friendly customer support to help people out to keep this solution online.

As a personal trainer I know that this system had to be simple so I broke the method down into bite sized chunks that anybody can follow.

I knew it had to transform bodies in record time. Because people have to see their amazing results every day when they look in the mirror.

And It Had To Reveal The Untold Truth About Weight Loss That The Dirty Chemical Industries Have Paid To Hide For The Past 30 Years…

We spent months perfecting the solution with Doctor Keel so it was well presented and super easy to understand.

We tested on my clients, improving and updating to make it the best we could.

Finally, we added plenty more cutting-edge tips that Doctor Keel discovered in his breakthrough trial.

After months of hard work and endless enhancements...

I’m Proud To Present The Fat Cell Destroyer To You


The most powerful weight loss system ever produced that’s helping thousands of people transform their lives.

In this blueprint you’ll see exactly how to shed every pound of unwanted fat without ever following pointless “crash” diets or painful intense exercise.

When you get started, you’ll discover the exact toxin-flushing mix of fat-destroying nutrients that only take 60 seconds to make.

That alone would be enough to incinerate unwanted fat and transform your entire body.

However, because I want you to have the highest quality fat loss blueprint that’ll reverse the damage weight gain has caused over the years….

I’ve insisted on adding every trainer’s trick under the sun to get you in the best shape of your life.

Here are a handful of the incredible fat loss shortcuts you’ll discover in Fat Cell Destroyer:

  • The secret “triple spice” combination which powers up your metabolic rate, reduces inflammation and burns belly fat
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  • The favorite cheat foods I insist you scarf down in order to burn more belly fat and how to eat chocolate and carbs to double your metabolic rate
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  • The food timing strategies you’ll use to increase the youth-promoting HGH hormone, reducing pain in your joints and improving brain focus

We’ve hardly even touched the surface yet but you’ll also get…

  • The non-exercise method my clients use to reduce stress, improve flexibility and reduce pain in their joints and back
  • The shortcut to improving the “mood hormone” that you can implement, starting tonight
  • How to turn up the dial on your libido and fix your broken sex drive, man or woman
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  • How to fix high blood sugar, reduce your chances of a heart attack, high blood pressure and even cancer

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Q: I’m very busy. Will I have time to follow The Fat Cell Destroyer System?

A: We know you’re super busy and you want this to be as simple as possible. Which is why we’ve made the system super quick, simple and easy to understand.

We’ve done all the hard work of finding the grocery items you need, how to measure out the quantities for powerful fat burning and how to mix it all easily.

With Fat Cell Destroyer, you’ll have more free time instead of less. And more money.

Q: Will I have to restrict foods like I do with diets?

A: No you won’t. Remember, Fat Cell Destroyer is NOT a diet.

You do have to avoid some of the fake health foods that we expose and replace them with tasty fat-burning foods we recommend.

But there’s no starving or restricting and therefore no headaches and fatigue. You can even enjoy your favorite foods and experience pure energy.

Q: I’m might be too old to do this. Will it work for me?

A: We’ve designed the system so it works for people of any age, even over 80s. So whether you’re 25, 55 or 75, you’ll get results. And in record time. Reports show it actually works better for people over 40.

Q: Does this system help both men and women lose weight?

A: Yes absolutely. It makes no difference. Many people who sign up to use Fat Cell Destroyer are men who get back the impressive new physique of their early twenties.

Many folks like to follow the program together as a couple and find they get awesome results in less time this way.

Q: Is this a single payment?

A: Yes it is. To access Fat Cell Destroyer you’ll only need to send a single payment of $37 and it’s completely safe and secure.

Q: Are my details safe?

A: Yes, the payment page uses fully secured and encrypted technology to process your order, the same one used by Amazon and online banking system. Your personal information is secure and confidential. Your privacy is protected.

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